Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy - Updated 11/23/2022

  • You can cancel a Booking on the Website, free of charge, up to 23 hours before the Service is scheduled to take place
  • You can amend your booking up to 12 hours before the Service is scheduled to begin.
    • with extra service "Flexibilty"($20+tax), service can be amended one time up to 'min before scheduled Service.
  • NO REFUND If you cancel the booking within 23 hours before the Service is scheduled to begin
    • with extra service "Flexibiltys"($40tax), service can be cancelled up to 1min before scheduled Service, with $40 fee.
  • NO REFUND If the customer or their representative did not show within 30min after scheduling the appointment
  • You may amend or extend a Booking during the performance of the Services if the company has available time slot and the cleaner has required skills/equipment.
  • If you cancel a Booking during the performance of the Service NO REFUND will be provided
  • Rescheduled booking is not eligible for refund
  • The Cleaning Agreement shall expire once the Services under the Booking have been performed,
  • If the Business is unable to fulfill a confirmed Booking (in full or part). we will attempt to find you a replacement Business. If we cannot find you an alternative Business, we will reschedule your Booking to a new time which suits your convenience, If we cannot find a suitable time for you, you may cancel the Booking at no charge

If you use Promo for recurring service READ!!!


  • Recurring service promotions and promo codes will be in effect until you use at least 4 sessions for weekly service or 2 sessions for biweekly service.
  • Cancellation before expiration of min. required number of session will be a result of charging a full price for the first appointment.
  • Amount by promotion will be put on hold (a day before the appointment) and charged right after the appointment
  • Amount of discount will be put on hold at the same time as promotion amount and will be released after using of minimal required amount of sessions(4 for weekly, 2 for biweekly)
  • Rescheduling after the first appointment and within minimum required number of appointments], allowed +/- 3 days of original recurring date. Rescheduling more then 3 days ahead will be considered as a cancellation of recurring service and results charging of full amount for the first appointment.